Camponesa plans growth in cheese production

It is expected to increase the production volume of the line by 50% in 2023.


Complete line of cheeses Camponesa.

A Camponesa, Alvoar's dairy brand, has already invested R$ 25 million in its cheese line and the expectation is for a growth of more than 50% in production volume in 2023. With an eye on the high consumption of cheese by Brazilian families, Camponesa studies the installation of a new production unit and the expansion of product distribution to all Brazilian states. Currently, the company has a factory in Lagoa da Prata (MG) dedicated to the cheese line.

The company intends to increase the cheese line in the second half of this year and, for that, continues to invest in research and development of new technologies to improve production and innovation processes. Investment in innovation allowed the Camponesa launch the first box cheese in Brazil in 2019, in Minas Gerais. In the second half of 2022, it was the northeast's turn to receive the product.

“We are always looking to offer the best product to our consumers and this also happens with our cheese line. We invest in new technologies and offer, in addition to nutrition and flavor, all the tradition and quality of the brand, already recognized by the market”, explains the marketing manager of Camponesa, Adriana Antunes. the cheese line Camponesa offers products for all tastes, such as traditional and light cottage cheese, Minas Padrão cheese, half-cured cheese, creamy cheeses with bacon flavor, cheddar and caramelized onions, sliced ​​and sliced ​​mozzarella and boxed fresh cheese, a pioneer in Brazil.

The technology adopted in the production of Queijo Fresco shows how Camponesa has been investing in innovation in this category in order to offer quality and create brand differentiation in the category. The product's manufacturing process is fully automated, guaranteeing high standards of hygiene, food safety and a shelf life of up to 90 days on the packaging, longer than other options available on the market. With a soft texture, Queijo Fresco has a mild flavor and is very tasty. “This is just one example of what's to come. We are tireless in the search for quality to offer the best for the consumer”, says Adriana Antunes.

world cheese day

Cheese is one of the most versatile and tastiest foods that human beings have produced from milk and, therefore, there is an international day to celebrate this delight. World Cheese Day is celebrated on January 20th as a way to revere the product, which is consumed in different ways in countries with different cultures.

Brazil is among the ten largest markets in the world and the product is part of the daily lives of families. Cheese production is extremely relevant for the country's dairy market because it absorbs around 40% of total milk production. According to estimates by the Brazilian Association of Cheese Industries (ABIC), average consumption per capita of cheese in Brazil is 5,6 kilos per year and 90% is produced from cow's milk. 

According to the report "Brazil Cheese Market Overview, 2027", published by Bonafide Research, the demand for cheese in Brazil will continue to grow due to changes in lifestyle in urban centers and the search for healthier food. The habit of having healthy snacks, for example, drives the consumption of fresh cheese, which is more beneficial to health and less caloric. Investments of around US$ 1,70 billion are expected by 2027 in the Brazilian cheese market.

Camponesa is a brand of Alvoar Lácteos, the fifth largest dairy industry in Brazil, which has more than 4 direct employees, around 6.500 producer families and 12 cooperatives, supplying 9 factories and 13 distribution centers, operating throughout Brazil and in more than 45 countries. THE Camponesa has a broad portfolio of dairy products with items such as pasteurized, long-life, powdered and special milk, dairy drinks, cheeses, curds, cream, condensed milk, milk sweets and butter. The products Camponesa are available throughout Brazil and also exported to other countries.


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Camponesa plans growth in cheese production

It is expected to increase the production volume of the line by 50% in 2023....


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