Camponesa launches content platform on Youtube with tips for those who want to undertake in the kitchen

Videos on the brand's YouTube will address content addressed to those who see the kitchen as a profession


A Camponesa launched a new section called From Professional to Professional on its YouTube channel (@leitecamponesa) with the aim of bringing knowledge to those who want to undertake in the kitchen. The initiative is in line with the country's current economic situation, in which more and more Brazilian men and women seek to secure income on their own.

According to Sebrae (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service) the opening of small businesses in 2022 grew by almost 20% compared to the pre-pandemic. In total, there were 3,6 million new ventures, most concentrated in the individual microentrepreneur (MEI) category, which represented 78% of the total.
One of the sectors that grew the most was related to food and beverages.

This growth in entrepreneurship is also greatly driven by access to information. The internet and social networks are key tools for empowering this audience and are also a great sales channel. With a view to consolidating support for those seeking growth in their areas of expertise or wanting to start their own businesses in the food industry, Camponesa launched this project From Professional to Professional.

"It is part of our essence to always look at the ecosystem. We want our audience and partners to grow together with us. This platform will help us encourage entrepreneurship, qualification and innovation through relevant content", explains the Marketing manager from the Camponesa, Adriana Antunes. The videos will be available from May 2nd on the Youtube channel @leitecamponesa and will deal with topics such as stock organization, recipes, tips on how to prepare for high demand, utensils that cannot be missing in the kitchen, how to standardize the production of dishes, pricing, among others.

Chef Malu Galvão is the first guest of the De Profissional Para Profesional section. She herself is an example of someone who started to work in the kitchen out of necessity. “The most important thing that Camponesa will do is show that we are all equal and that we can undertake. As I started, you can also start to undertake indoors. This series will help many people to have courage and take their first steps, ”she says.

Malu, who is a brand ambassador Camponesa, still completes that to start it is not necessary to make big investments. “It is possible to undertake without spending a lot and without borrowing. I advise those who are starting to use what they already have at home, a mixer, a blender and start making low-cost recipes”. As an example, she cites the first recipe in the series: the vanilla meringue with brigadeiro filling.


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Camponesa launches content platform on Youtube with tips for those who want to undertake in the kitchen

Videos on the brand's YouTube will address content addressed to those who see cooking as a profession...

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