Camponesa honors the traditional flavors of the June Festivals in São João campaign

Basic ingredients of June delights, the products Camponesa are the stars of the party


A Camponesa launches a campaign to celebrate the São João festivities and value the traditional flavors of this date, which is so important for Brazilians. The idea of ​​the brand is to exalt the typical dishes of the São João festivities, reinforcing the concept “Cultivate the taste of traditions”. The campaign will unite family ties with regional cultures, valuing affective food.

In partnership with digital influencers from the Northeast and Minas Gerais, Camponesa intends to give prominence to the June delicacies emphasizing the importance of cultivating traditions. “The June delights are the real stars of the party. They bring us closer, connect us with our origins and sharpen our memories. They are recipes full of flavor and stories.”, explains the Marketing manager at Camponesa, Adriana Antunes.

Developed by Next agency, the 360º campaign of Camponesa will be done in an integrated way with digital, offline and POS activations. “Saint John is a date full of traditions and affective memories. The party reinforces the cultural identities of every corner of the country, whether in celebrations, dances, arts and cuisine. And several of these delicacies take a bit of Camponesa. We want to take advantage of this very important moment to value the best that each state has and create an emotional and special connection with the public. Cultivating family traditions through the taste of typical recipes”, emphasizes Adriana Antunes.

The Marketing Manager at Camponesa explains that São João is one of the most important dates for the brand because it is a cultural reference in the Northeast, one of the most important markets for the company. In addition, most June delicacies are based on milk, the ingredient that gives the party its flavor.

“Saint John is all about Camponesa. Cultivating family and tradition, celebrating culture are principles that are part of our essence. And all of this is manifested through the June delights, symbols of affective cuisine", says the Marketing manager of Camponesa. “At São João, the recipes are as full of flavor as they are of stories, and nothing better than celebrating these traditions that make life more enjoyable”, he adds.

“Everything happens around the table. And at Festa Junina it couldn't be different. Therefore, we brought to the activations all the comfortable food atmosphere provided by the time to connect the brand with the public. Whether in preparation or tasting, the Camponesa it will be present in pamonha, cocada, rice pudding or any other typical delicacy. It is an invitation to experience one of the strongest Brazilian roots through flavor”, emphasizes Marcelo Conduru, CEO of Next.


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Camponesa honors the traditional flavors of the June Festivals in São João campaign

Basic ingredients of June delights, the products Camponesa are the stars of the party...

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