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Embaré reaches the 4th position of the ABRALEITE 2020 ranking

Research evaluated the volume of formal funding of 12 important companies in the segment....


Powdered Milk Camponesa get new vitamin mix

Focusing on sales expansion, the company bets on healthiness....


Embaré continues to evolve sustainability policies in the industry

With a history of several initiatives that benefit the environment, the sixth largest dairy company in Brazil improves results and plans an even more eco-friendly 2021....


Camponesa launches products focused on the company's market expansion

Embaré's dairy line has been expanded and is enough to meet a demand from consumers looking for more functional and nutritious products...


Embaré conquers new export markets and has good prospects for 2021

The company currently exports to 43 countries and intends to open new markets this year....


Embaré adopts several measures to reduce consumption and reuse of water in the industry

The savings in water consumption at the company is around 1,3 million m³ per year, which would be enough to supply 20 popular homes in this period; In 2021, the company surpassed these numbers and saved another 5,3 m³, which would be enough...

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