• The company Inglez de Souza Filho & Cia Ltda is founded in the city of Taubaté/SP and starts a diverse line production that counts with several items, such as milk fudge, jelly, sweet fuit and vegetable soup.

  • Brand name changes from Inglez de Souza Filho & Cia Ltd to Alimentícios Embaré Ltda.

  • Embaré starts its milk caramel line production through automatic machines imported from Italy and England, discontinuing the production of soups, jellies and jams. Milk Caramels, Toffees Vaquinha and Victoria, caramels in packet are launched on the same year.

  • Founded the company Laticínios Lagoa da Prata, a small industry, in the city of Lagoa da Prata / MG, with capacity for 12 thousand liters a day used for industrial milk powder and butter production, both under the Camponesa brand.

  • The actual company owners buy the Laticínios Lagoa da Prata S.A. and become pioneers in developing and selling milk powder in plastic bags.

  • Laticínios Lagoa da Prata buys Produtos Almentícios Embaré S.A.

  • Sales branches start to be build in some key Brazilian states, the process was extended until 1977 and which allowed Embaré to have its own sales team in this regions instead of representatives.

  • Merger of Produtos Alimentícios Embaré S.A. e Laticínios Lagoa da Prata creating Embaré Alimentícias Industrias SA. Expansions were made, increasing the milk drying capacity from 12,000 to 200,000 liters of milk/day.

  • The Taubaté factory was transferred to Lagoa da Prata, unifying both dairy and confectionery industrial plants, with a capacity to 300,000 liters of milk/day.

  • Begin exports to Canada, Australia and Paraguay.

  • Launched Peanut Nougat and Chocolate with Orange caramel.

  • Kraft Foods acquired 40% of Embaré S.A’s stocks.

  • Vanilla flavored Milk caramel was launched É – The best selling milk caramel candy in Brazil – the chocolate flavored milk caramel candy and the assorted Toffees. By esteeming and investing in people, Embaré founded ARCE, the Recreational Association of Collaborators of Embaré.

  • Embaré currently controlling stockholders bought back the stocks from Kraft, and kept the same professional level standard management.

  • Fruit Full was released to the market in tangerine, passion fruit, strawberry, and lemon flavors, and also in two halves of milk and chocolate caramel candy.

  • A major improvement was made in candy production line by installing high output equipment.

  • The controlling stockholders reassumed the company direction, and launched caramel stuffed candies.

  • The company’s head office was transferred from the city of Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte.

  • New and modern milk powder manufacturing equipment was installed at the manufacturing plant so making Embaré the 9th dairy product manufacturer in the country. Some products were also launched such as regular and light cream, bitty stuffed caramel candies in guava and strawberry flavors, and condensed milk caramel candy.

  • Embaré Foundation was founded, which’s a private nonprofit organization of which head office is located in the city of Lagoa da Prata.
    CEIAA – Arlette Antunes Child Educational Center was founded, which’s an institution that provides shelter for children and child care for 92 children from birth up to 6 years of age.
    Implementation of SAP/R3, one the most modern entrepreneurial integrated management systems.

  • Embaré is ranked 7th among the biggest purchasers of milk supply to manufacture dairy products in the country.
    Hilde Schmidt Cultural Center was built, a 851 sq.m building with an auditorium assembled to seat an audience of 140 people.

  • Embaré celebrated its 70th anniversary expanding and improving its plant by installing new and modern facilities.
    It launched its Condensed Milk in a new 270 gm carton, and chocolate and caramel flavor dairy drinks.
    Embaré relaunched its Milk Fudge and Milk Jam (Dulce de Leche).

  • Startup of a new expansion phase of its plant and facilities in the city of Lagoa da Prata, MG.

  • It launched its UHT milk line featuring whole milk, semi-skimmed and skim milk.
    Its dairy product outpup climbed from 270 thousand liters a day to 2 million liters a day.

  • At an increasingly rate, Embaré launched more new products in the domestic market, its Camponesa Low Lactose UHT Milk, and its EmbaréKids a dairy drink marketed in chocolate and caramel flavors. Furthermore, the company increased its private truck fleet to 68 trucks in order to decrease its dependency on outsourced transportation to deliver its products.