Embaré has always directed its production based on three main pillars: state-of-art technology, qualified workmanship, and high quality raw material. With such a enterprising approach it has moved along a path of steadfast progress.

Manufacturing Plant

Embaré manufacturing plant is located in the city of Lagoa da Prata, MG, an has a floor area of over 37.000 square meters.

Today, the company is capable to process up to 2.1 million liters of raw milk a day, which is its main raw material. The quality of its products is check out throughout its production phases, from the milk reception all the way through its final delivery. On such an purpose, the company relies on a qualified technical team and eight self-owned laboratories, acknowledged for their excellence.

Rigorous quality standards are also required from its raw material and packaging material suppliers. All its inputs are stored in climate controlled rooms with high hygiene standard.

Embaré’s storage and shipping are processed in a modern warehouse to ensure the quality of its products. A cooling chamber to store cold products and a large storage area allows a agile logistics processes.


Throughout Embaré’s manufacturing process, the quality is managed step by step by on its eight moderns laboratories: milk reception procedures, physicochemical and microbiological analysis, chromatography, UHT milk and condensed milk, fudges and caramels, sensorial analysis, waters and industrial effluents.

The quality is also managed by utilizing a spare system of shelf-life samples that allows monitoring the quality of the products of every production lot within their shelf life time, which is a key procedure to ensure the reputation of its brand names.

By reaching the highest quality standard of environmental trials, Embaré’s Water and Effluent Laboratory had its technical competence attested according to the requirements of ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard and acknowledged by RMMG – the Metrological Department of the state of Minas Gerais.

The concern with the quality of its products and with the environment has made Embaré achieve, in 2003, the certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The first was replaced in 2016 by the certification of FSSC 22000, which is granted to companies that have an established and effective food safety management system. The second, one of the most important certifications of environmental management, elevates Embaré to international standards of nature preservation and protection of the environment.

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