Social Responsibility

The concern about social issues has always been a constant in Embaré’s history. Its projects assume responsibility with society, planet and future generations, through the development of consistent quality, safety and social policies.

Social Responsibility

Aware of its social responsibility in the city of Logoa da Prata, Embaré carries out projects aimed to benefit its associates and the local community in order to improve the living quality of the population.

The social initiatives are coordinates by Embaré Foundation including milk powder distribution to day care centers of the city, the Foundation of CEIAA – Arlette Antunes Child Educational Center, CCHS – Hilde Schmidt Cultural Center, and ARCE – Recreational Association of Embaré’s Associates, among other projects.

Arlette Antunes Child Educational Center


3-250x233Founded in 2002, Arlette Antunes Child Educational Center has been changing the history paths of the child education in the region. Today, the project attends to ninety (90) children from 6 months old to to 5 years and 11 months old, full-time, and prepares the students to attend elementary school. Arlette Antunes Child Educational Center prioritizes education for underprivileged children by providing them with basic elements to promote their future citizenship. Such care and dedication has awarded Embaré with the Abrinq Stamp, Child-Friendly Business Awards. The certificate recognizes the commitment of Embaré by the 10 commitments that were made in the areas of education, health, eradication of child labor, civil rights and investments in children and adolescents.

Embaré Foundation’s Choral


Started up in 2001, Embaré Foundation’s Choir includes direct company’s associates, their families and members of the local community. It performs in events promoted by the company, festivals, schools, colleges and main events in the city and its vicinities. The initiative is aimed to foment cultural education in the community of Lagoa da Prata.

Hilde Schmidt Cultural Center


Founded to meet the cultural needs of the company, hold shows, concerts, and movies, Hilde Schmidt Cultural Center is also available to the community, and it is a space is available to hold popular and municipal government events.

ARCE – Recreational Association of Collaborators of Embaré


Among other projects that were thought to benefit Embaré’s associates, the most highlighted one is the Recreational Association of Embaré’s Associates, founded in 1982. The accomplishment of this social and sportive project provides to its associates and their families a place to socialize and practice sport activities.