The Meaning Of Embaré

Embaré, in the Tupi-Guarani language of South American Indians, means “potbelly”  — the nickname for the silk-cotton tree in the Bombacácea family, which has a thick, paunchy trunk for storing large quantities of water.

While widely dispersed around the world in tropical areas, more than 100 species are found in Brazil, ranging from Paraíba in the northeast to Rio Grande do Sul in the south. In the Amazon region where the biggest of all are found — some reaching heights of 65 meters — the trunks of these giants are used by the local Indians to make canoes. In other areas, the kapok fibers from the tree fruit are put to a variety of uses.

Recognizing the strong ecological link between the company and its namesake trees, which differ in size and have flowers ranging through white, pink and red, Embaré Indústrias Alimentícias S.A.  has adopted them as representative symbol of its commitment to the environment.

Pictured aside is a beautiful silk-cotton tree found in the town of Lagoa da Prata, Minas Gerais, where the company has its extensive production facilities.